IMG_9331sWho I am: Mark Collins I love God, it’s that simple. It’s the foundation of my life, every decision I make, everything I do. He has blessed me with many talents, I am amazingly blessed. but don’t take my word for it, watch my life and then you’ll know if I truly live for God. Biography: Husband to my beautiful wife Rachel, son of my parents Tim & Lynn Collins, I have three sisters(1 older, 2 younger.) Spent my early growing up years in Collinsville IL, then my family moved to the close by town of Belleville IL, then to Broken Arrow OK, then to Wheaton IL, and then I finally got married and moved to my current home in Wayne IL. I love love LOVE to create. I use pretty much any medium I can find that is most effective for the idea in my head. Everything from abstract paintings on canvas. Digital art using a tablet and photoshop. Music where I play a bit of guitar and drums, and more recently starting to write and record songs. Photography, where there’s that amazing ability to capture a moment or emotion in my own unique way. Video, where you can tell a story in a way that can be shared with limitless people.  Even more hands on things like refinishing a beat up guitar to make it shine, or constructing custom furniture for my room, even sculptures.