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Finishing Well

First off, I’ve never believed in “New Years resolutions” I think they’re silly, a half hearted attempt to convince yourself that this new year isn’t going to result in the same outcome as last year. Generally this outcome being one of disappointment with yourself over something, either the flab is still hanging around, or that project list has more unfinished Read more »


This is something that came to me in the shower, so i wrote it down. ————————————- Sometimes it’s hard to know Sometimes it’s hard to feel it Sometimes you wonder if anybody hears you when you’re calling out alone Sometimes it’s hard to understand Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going Sometimes you wish you had more knowing Sometimes you Read more »


At times it’s hard to keep your heart at bay. Trusting in God’s plan for your everyday. When all you want to do is give it all away. To “the one” you haven’t met today or yesterday. Marriage is dream you want to come true. But the years keep passing by and your wondering when. This thing called single will Read more »