Finishing Well

First off, I’ve never believed in “New Years resolutions” I think they’re silly, a half hearted attempt to convince yourself that this new year isn’t going to result in the same outcome as last year. Generally this outcome being one of disappointment with yourself over something, either the flab is still hanging around, or that […]


This is something that came to me in the shower, so i wrote it down. ————————————- Sometimes it’s hard to know Sometimes it’s hard to feel it Sometimes you wonder if anybody hears you when you’re calling out alone Sometimes it’s hard to understand Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going Sometimes you wish you […]


At times it’s hard to keep your heart at bay. Trusting in God’s plan for your everyday. When all you want to do is give it all away. To “the one” you haven’t met today or yesterday. Marriage is dream you want to come true. But the years keep passing by and your wondering when. […]

Soundman: the incredible invisible job.

This post goes out to all those who smiled knowingly when reading the title of this post. There are very few jobs like it, where doing your job well means you go unnoticed, and yet you can make or break a service with a few quick actions. I’ve been involved in church sound for as […]

7/5/10 thought

Something I’m thinking about: Don’t get so caught up in where you’re going that you lose sight of where you’re standing. Ever have one of those days where you’re so caught up in what you’re doing and where you are going, that you barely remember anything that happened that day, or the people you came […]

What’s next?

Life is a interesting thing. Sometimes you think you have a grasp on the events and situations you live in around and through. And other times, you’re stuck, clueless about where to go and what to do next. Right now it’s one of those other times, I’m stuck, sitting here eating a bowl of something […]

New Hosting

The last few days have been a bit challenging in the web area. namelessDESIGN has been working on setting up a VPS(Virtual Private Server), and there’s a bit of a learning curve when having complete control over your own server. But on the plus side, sites run much faster and more reliably on this new […]

Training for the Cracks

Recently i got a great deal on a acoustic guitar. This is a guitar i had been looking at for a few months and had been saving up money in preparation to get it. So when i found someone selling one that was only five months old at a very fair price. i jumped at […]