This is something that came to me in the shower, so i wrote it down.


Sometimes it’s hard to know
Sometimes it’s hard to feel it
Sometimes you wonder if anybody hears you when you’re calling out alone
Sometimes it’s hard to understand
Sometimes you don’t know where you’re going
Sometimes you wish you had more knowing
Sometimes you wish you weren’t alone
And you feel so far from home
You don’t know where to go
You don’t think anyone knows what you’re feeling
No smiles, in your eyes
Have to put on a good face when you show up
Wishing everyone would grow up
Don’t know why they are so mean
Don’t know why they’re so judgmental
Shouldn’t love just be gentle.
Caring for the hurting
Not gossiping and flirting

Don’t know why but you feel like you’re stuck under the ceiling, on your own.
Never feel like your safe at home.
But wether you see him or not
He’s there
Standing right beside you
Helping to guide you,
He’s there
He’s there
And sometimes, you don’t know
But there are little things that happen
Something that makes you smile
Something give you energy to go another mile
Something sparks a dream inside your heart
Sometimes it’s a gentle glow in the dark
He loves you in the little.
He loves you in the day
He loves you in the night
He loves you when you don’t feel even a little bit close to alright.
He’s like the air in your lunges, always present, sometimes felt, invisible to sight.
Keeping you alive helping you survive.