At times it’s hard to keep your heart at bay.
Trusting in God’s plan for your everyday.
When all you want to do is give it all away.
To “the one” you haven’t met today or yesterday.

Marriage is dream you want to come true.
But the years keep passing by and your wondering when.
This thing called single will come to a end.

So you turn to the Father and you pour it out.
Your fears, desires and your doubts.
You stop to listen and you hear Him say,
Fear not my child for the day is near
The bells will toll and all will cheer
And you’ll say “I do” for all to hear.

Listen close child, cause that’s not all I’ve wrote
It’s the start of a journey without a end quote.
Two become one, and as one begin
to follow me close, through the thick and thin
I’ll show you the way that’s perfect and right
Every moment, every day, and every night
No man can separate what I have joined
As long as we live with our hearts adjoined.