Life is a interesting thing. Sometimes you think you have a grasp on the events and situations you live in around and through. And other times, you’re stuck, clueless about where to go and what to do next.
Right now it’s one of those other times, I’m stuck, sitting here eating a bowl of something from my parents kitchen, in my room in the upstairs of my parents house. in which I live, work and sleep, rent free. Which besides being very generous of them, is a good thing, because my bank account currently balances to a negative number, and this is after only one month of reduced pay from my biggest source of income.

Really gets a guy to start thinking, when he realizes that the minor purchase he made tonight doesn’t already have a set income coming to pay for it when the credit card bill comes due. Yes I do have a tiny bit of savings, that will cover essential bills for a few months. But what about after that? Can I rely on the extremely unsteady source of income that comes from my other design jobs? Or do I go out and start applying for jobs? Like conventional wisdom would say to do. And if I do get a job, working standard hours, for standard pay. What will I be accomplishing, will that answer all the questions? Or will it just raise a whole new set of questions?

These are questions I am facing, and I get the feeling a whole lot of people have similar questions.

So what am I going to do? Well, God has told me(in my journal during conversations with Him), “son, don’t worry, trust Me, I’m taking care of you, come spend time with Me, I have so much for you, I have all the answers to everything you’re facing now, and will face in the future.” And you know what, I do trust Him. Do I have all the answers right now? No I don’t. But I’ve come to realize something, I don’t have to know all the answers to all the questions. I just have to know and trust that my heavenly father is a good dad, and you know what a good dad does? He takes care of his son, and he helps guide his son through life.

Now if you think that sounds extremely irresponsible and naive. You my friend are looking at this situation through worldly eyes. Take a look from God’s perspective, and you’ll see that my purpose here on earth is to love my Father, and follow the perfect plan that He laid out for me, and by doing this, this is the only way I will meet all the people He wants me to meet, influence who He wants me to influence. Resulting in literally saving the life of many, giving purpose to others, and leaving His finger print on the world around me. All this is only possible when you’re living a life firmly set on following the Father, no matter what the world around you says.

So what’re my next steps? Well, I’m going to go get some sleep, wake up tomorrow, and chat with my Dad all through the day, following His direction as I eat, as I fix my car, as I interact with others. Work/sleep/eat/play, every movement can be led, all I have to do is keep my mind quiet, my heart open, and listen.