Recently i got a great deal on a acoustic guitar. This is a guitar i had been looking at for a few months and had been saving up money in preparation to get it. So when i found someone selling one that was only five months old at a very fair price. i jumped at it.
So when it arrived a couple days later via UPS, and had this crack in the side:

You might imagine I was a little disappointed. But in reality I wasn’t, after a quick look over and squeezing the cracks together I realized with a bit of glue, and a little pressure, it would be completely fixed.
So I did just that:

A hour later and you can’t even tell there was ever a problem:

Now a couple days later I was thinking about this situation, and the various ways people might react to it. And there’s everything from feeling really down because your new guitar is broken. To being steaming mad looking for the person to blame for this injustice that was done to you.
So what made it no problem for me?
I thought about this for a minute and realized it was past experience.  I know from past experience that things get damaged in shipping all the time, so no need to get mad at the guy who sold it to me.  Then from the experience of all the years I’ve spent doing projects here and there with wood and other various materials, and working on things, restoring guitars, in general figuring out ways of solving many problems that come up in the process.
Which taught me to look at a problem with a simple goal of finding a solution. So that’s what I did.  And it worked perfectly, the guitar sounds great, problem solved within a couple hours of the guitar arriving.

So lets apply this to life in general.  We all experience many things in our lives, often we think very little of these things, and only do whatever we need to in order to get it done.  But what if the life experiences are something else, instead of isolated events, what if they’re more like ‘on the job training’ where today is what prepares you for tomorrow.
And it all adds up, so that as you face all the various problems that come up in life, you can handle it, without problem.

This also applies in our faith, and relationship with God.  What if every day the time you spend just hanging out with God, growing closer, and learning from Him, is actually incredibly vital. And it’s those everyday moments that prepare you for the problems and situations you’ll face in the future.  Where the problem will come up, and instead of reacting negatively, you can just look at the problem, draw from your experience with God, and be able to say “that’s no problem,” fix it, and continue with life.

Makes those little times with God seem much more vital and important doesn’t it?

Something to think about.