I no longer offer photography as a service.
The reason for this is at some point a few months ago i realized the only reason i was doing wedding photography was because i figured i could make some money at it, and not because i loved it.
Which effectively turned the hobby i used to enjoy, into work.
So not only was my heart not 100% behind it, but it was making me no longer want to go just take pictures for fun.

Moral of this story: never pursue something you don’t love only for the money you could possibly make.

Of course i won’t leave you without some recommendations.
(note: not all chicago area photographers, there might be traveling fees based on how far they are from you.)

Jake Preedin – Chicago area – Jake is an amazing guy, absolutely loves what he does, and has a blast doing it. Plus he’s a great photographer as well. And he was my first and only choice for my wedding.

The Amberlight Collective РLas Vegas РDanette is one of those people that seem to just overflow with talent, great photographer and musician.

Jamie Delaine – Langley, BC, Canada¬†– Jamie’s happy personality seems to flow into everything she does. Beautiful images and endless smiles are the norm.